How does Office at work mail responder for outlook works

Office at work, the new feature in Microsoft Office has transformed the way companies were using this worldwide popular application. With Office at work, you can manage the expectations of your clients without putting much effort. Wondering how? The Office at work mail responder automatically responds to all your official mails, even when you are away from your computer system, busy in a meeting, enjoying on the trip to your favorite holiday destination or working hard on a business trip.

Additionally, it can also automatically embed a Bing map link when offering it with your stay location. This feature also enables the users add the deputy contact details, if you want to provide such service to the recipient.

To get this amazing product, you don’t need to pay even a single penny. You can get it using your Microsoft work or school account. The mail responder provides an easy process to the Outlook users to design the auto response messages that enable the users to streamline workflow. This is done by using various input styles, which further make sure the automated messages are polite, accurate and consistent.

With the Office at work Mail Responder, you can professionally create messages in multiple languages. All you need to do is launch the Mail responder in Outlook with a single click on its icon available in your Office ribbon. You can also use any browser to go to your Office 365 portal and then launch the Officeatwork mail responder web app via the app-launcher.

While choosing to setup a message in different languages, you can choose from up to three languages from Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch (Netherlands), English (International), English (United States), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia) and Spanish (Spain).

Benefits of the mail res-ponder to the users:

Mail responder makes the life of each individual Outlook user hassle-free by surfacing this amazing feature of Exchange in a much better way. Users can easily create auto response messages in three different languages without following any hard or fast rule. This user interface has an amazing feature of mobility and compatible with all devices.

Benefits of the mail responder to the organizations:

Auto response messages helps in completing the expectations of the employees, customers and partners. The best part of these messages is these are polite, consistent and thoughtful.

This amazing feature also comes up with some add-in capabilities. These include:

  • Can transfer data over the internet
  • Personal info, including postal addresses, URLs, phone numbers and more

At any point of time, if you find any error then contact Microsoft customer support team. The technicians working in the team offer round the cloud services; hence, you can contact them anytime.

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