Microsoft seems unable to fulfill the demand of Windows Phones

Finally, the last stock of the Windows phones like the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4S are no longer available on the online stores of Microsoft for sale. During the starting years, there was a great craze as well as demand among the users to buy a Windows Phones, but this dwindling demand has been come to an end.

Only a few Richards of Windows Phones had finally order their phones from the dregs stock of Microsoft smart-phone legacy. The main problem behind the downfall of demands of Windows phones is that the mobile users are now utilizing the smart phones having the bendable screen and the holographic projectors. As a result, the users of Microsoft Phones are not able to show the application like Majesty of Live tales, the People Hub and the neat photo app, previously installed to their phones to the users having the advanced mobile devices.

Pics Credit -Microsoft

When the Elite x3 newly came to the markets, it was prices approx $800 and had been equipped with advanced features. The most popular feature was the inclusion of dock that allows the users to convert the Windows Phones into a pseudo desktop, by attaching it with monitor, mouse, and keyboard. It was the last chance for the users who really don’t care for having a bulk of applications to their device, to buy the HP Elite x3 at the lowest of approx $300.

If the mobile users are still thinking to buy the Windows Phones the, they may access the Microsoft Store to buy the Galaxy S9 or Razer Phone, having the applications like Office, previously installed to these smartphones.




















































































































































































































































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