Does Microsoft’s latest bug every hour pop-up is annoying you?

Microsoft pop-up BugWorking with the technology we are usually getting irritated by some small issues occurring in the software but Microsoft’s latest bug is annoying people to a great extent as stated by the Office users running a recent update on the basis of experiencing a bug that is popping up a background task window appearing each hour. This seems to not only irritating but also disturbing you by bringing you again and again to the desktop from any in-process full screen app such as a game, etc. but no need to worry as luckily the company is working to provide a fix but to access it people may have to keep some patience.

A fix in place is already provided for the Office Insiders who are on the ‘Slow’ test ring; noted by Microsoft software engineer Jen Gentleman on twitter, suggesting that soon a patch is coming to make you free from the window bug. However, one can get away from this issue now itself but if he/ she agree to make use of an unstable edition of the productivity suite and no doubt it will still irritate you, mainly when catch you on a working computer and in case you hadn’t tried software preview.

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