April 27, 2018

Office 2010 Download, Install and Activate – www.office.com/setup 2010

office.com/setup 2010-Check out steps to get Office Setup 2010 installation procedures to the device, using the valid Office Product Key. Connect office.com/setup customer support.


Microsoft Office 2010, one of the best Office Productivity Suite developed by Microsoft for its users having the devices executing upon different platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. This Office Productivity Suite has various advanced features that made it possible to attain a great popularity among its users. Some of the popular features of the Office 2010 includes supports various file formats, document co-authoring, backstage view, the advanced file tab, and many more. Apart from this, the security feature also enhances the usage ratio of the Office 2010.
To get the Office Setup 2010, the users need to follow a set of three interrelated processes, as listed below:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate

How to Download the Office Setup 2010?

Follow the below mentioned steps to download the Office Setup 2010 to the device:

  1. First and foremost, go to the link: office.com/setup, to access the official website of Microsoft Office.
  2. And then, either sign in to the existing Office account or create a new one, if account doesn’t exist.
  3. For signing in to the Office Account, enter the email address and password to the corresponding field.
  4. Else, click the “Create new account” button for creating a new Office account.
  5. Once the users log in to their Office My Account, enter the valid Office setup Product Key within the space provided to the users.
  6. And then, tap the “Install Office” button.
  7. Thus, the Office Setup 2010 download link will be sent to the users’ email address in the form of email.
  8. Click the link either within the mail or copy it to the URL bar of the web browser and then, click the “Download” button.

How to Install the Office Setup 2010?

By following the step wise procedure of Office Install detailed below, the users could easily install the Office Setup 2010 to their device:

  1. First of all, access the .exe file of the Office Setup 2010, by selecting any of the method listed below:
    • Go to the location of the device, where the setup has been downloaded by the users.
    • Insert the offline CD pack of the purchased Office Setup 2010, through retail stores.
  2. And then, click the “Run” or “Yes” button, when prompted to the device.
  3. Thus, the Office install will get initialize to the device.
  4. Wait till the Office Setup 2010 gets successfully installed to the device.
  5. On completion of process of Office Install, follow the steps of Office Activate for activating the Office Setup 2010, using a valid Office Product Key.

How to Activate the Office Setup 2010?

Below mentioned steps of Office Activate will guide the users’ path to activate the Office Setup 2010 to the device using the valid Office 2010 Product Key:

  1. Launch any of the Office Applications like MS Word or MS Excel (included within the Office Setup 2010) on the device.
  2. Now, click the “Activate Now” displayed on the screen, when the users launch the application for the first time.
  3. After this, the Office Activation Wizard will appear on the screen. On this wizard, click the “I want to activate the software over internet”.
  4. And then, tap the “Next” button.
  5. Thus, the users will be directed to the online Office Activation page. Here, enter the valid Office Setup 2010 Product Key.
  6. After entering the Office Product Key, click the “Activate” button.

Where to find the Office 2010 Setup Product Key?

Regardless of the method adopted by the users to download the Office Setup 2010 to the device, it is mandatory for the users to perform the process of Office activation. For the activation of the Office Setup 2010, the users require a 25-character Product Key known as the Office Product Key. This Office 2010 Product Key can be redeemed either from the order confirmation email (received after online purchase) or as printed text within the box of the purchased Office Setup 2010.

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