Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 from Older Versions

Microsoft Office 2016 version has come up with newer and more advanced features than the older ones ever since it was introduced. And with huge stats of people using Microsoft Office is nearly 84% globally regardless of the office version.Many of the users are still using the older versions of MS office setup and are not compelled to change the new platform.

People are contented with the current version as it has brought out many new assets.But since the newer version of Office setup has prefaced high-end options that you can imply in your documents, you should upgrade to new version and choose to install Microsoft Office setup 2016.Below are the phenomenal office setup features that will make you work much easier and striking:

There have been unparalleled improvements made for office 2016 for user’s comfort and a majority of bugs are already fixed now. When it comes to productivity suites, Microsoft would eventually vitalize 2016 new standards. Moreover, the theme or say the display office docs has changed to colourful and default theme. The colors for different Office apps are sequentially like this: Dark blue is Word, Green for Excel, Orange for PowerPoint, light-blue for Outlook, and Purple for One Note. These colors have sorted the way of understanding files.

  • Newer Version Lasts longer than the older one

MS Mainstream and Extended supports are introduced with a different set of features depending on user’s requirement. Both the support phases offer Security update, Non security hot-fix support, Self-service support (Microsoft Help & Support). However, extended support expires and does not give out services like No-charge incident support, Warranty claims, and Design changes and feature requests but it all depends on the requirement of a user. Currently, Office 2010 & 2007 is under Expanded Support and will expire soon. So if you are using any of them, especially office 2007, then you need to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016.

  • View and Edit in Real-Time on Shared File

For users who use Office online now have the access to the highly advanced feature. MS office allows its users to view all the changes made by other users and at the same time, the can edit on the same document. In the Previous version of MS office i.e., Office 2013 (through One Drive) did not allow to perform real-time changes. Real-time co-authoring is hence the key feature of Office setup 2016.

  • Modified Chart Types for better Illustrations and Presentations

The way of representing data and statics has become more colourful and comprehensible. MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been modified with new chart type that helps to display raw data with well-ordered diagrams. New chart types include Box and Whisker, Waterfall,Tree-map, Histogram, Pareto, and Sunburst.

  • Insert Data into Excel in more Efficient Ways

Hosting a new potent set of features called ‘Get & Transform’ which delivers faster and easier collection of data and also stores them in a systematised manner. This new option enables you to link, merge and refine data course to full-fill your evaluation requirements.

(Note: Office setup 2016 is supported by Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2.)

To access all these smart features of Microsoft service like Outlook.com, One Drive, Xbox Live, or Skype, you need to have an account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, visit the link Office.com/setup and create your account now. If you face any problem while creating an account or other problems related to Microsoft account, immediately connect with Microsoft Customer Support.


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